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The following isn't particularly pretty and should be considered a work in progress, but it's quite fun.

Get examples of ways a command can be used direct from shell-fu by adding the following alias:
function examples { lynx -width=$COLUMNS -nonumbers -dump "http://www.shell-fu.org/lister.php?tag=$1" | \
sed -n '/^[a-zA-Z]/,$p' | egrep -v '^http|^javas|View Comm|HIDE|] \+|to Share|^ +\*|^ +[HV][a-z]* l|^ .*efu.*ep.*!$' | \
sed -e '/^  *__*/N;s/\n$//g' | less -r; }

This pulls out the tips tagged by the given command. (Make sure you tag any tips you submit!)

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Wow, a great enhancement for the shell experience.
Posted 2009-02-23 12:55:43

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