Thu, 16 Apr 2009Announcing the Shell-fu Store  

We love the command line, and we love books, and as far as we are concerned there are few things better than combining the two. That's why we've decided to add a new section to the site, sharing some of our recommendations.


The Shell-fu book store runs in association with Amazon so you can buy anything you see that takes your fancy. We make a few pennies, you learn some cool new things and hopefully come back and share them here - everyone's a winner!

If you have any suggestions for books we could list, please let us know.

While we're asking you to contact us, we should also mention that we are hoping to make some additions to the site in the near future, ideas so far include forums, login feature so you can control more aspects of the site including your submissions, more custom products in the store and ability to vote on comments. If you like/dislike any of these, please let us know. Also if you have any other suggestions they are appreciated!

You can contact us, using the form here, or send us a message on Twitter/identi.ca.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out the store.

Fri, 27 Feb 2009Follow shell-fu on identica  

You can now follow shell-fu on micro-blogging service identi.ca

For those of you who don't know, identi.ca is an open alternative to twitter based on the Free Software Laconica tool.

Follow us here: Shell-fu on identi.ca

Thu, 05 Feb 2009Follow us on Twitter  

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to follow shell-fu on twitter, for quick notification when new tips are posted. Shell-fu on twitter.

Tue, 21 Oct 2008Hall Of Fame  

Shell-fu now has almost 200 published tips submitted by over 100 different contributors and still growing steadily (keep the tips coming!) In recognition of the people who have added some great tips and helped make the site what it is, we've decided to add a league for our top submitters.

The table at http://www.shell-fu.org/league.php shows the top tip submitters based on the total of all votes across all submissions. If you've submitted a tip and want your name/handle/sobriquet to appear rather than a completely mangled version of your email address, just send an email to [admin at shell-fu dot com] containing your name and a url to link to (if you wish). For security this email must be sent from the address you used to submit the tip!

Thank you to ALL submitters, and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future! :)

Fri, 10 Oct 2008Shell-fu bashrc  

John has put together a bashrc using some of the longer/harder to remember tips we've had submitted. You can take a look here.

Wed, 24 Sep 2008Tips4Tips  

We have been trying for a while now to find a way we can make shell-fu self sustaining - that is raise enough money each month to pay for our hosting and other minor bills. So far we have tried a few kinds of advertising on the site, but none of these have been that successful. We don't really like adverts either to be honest :(

So now we're going to try something new (for us at least). If you find something on the site useful, interesting or fun we're giving you the option to give back. Clicking the link below will take you to a PayPal page where you can donate units of 2 GBP to help us cover our costs.

You can choose any number of units from 1 to 2,147,483,647 (PayPal doesn't seem to handle more than that, so if you want to donate over 4,294,967,294.00 GBP, just let us know!).

This is in no way compulsory and we're happy just to have you use the site, but we are offering incentives:

  1. Every month we get over 20 units we'll have no adverts on the site for the whole of the next month.
  2. If any individual donates over 20 units (they don't have to be in one go) we'll list your name and a link (if you wish) on a supporters page

We're also happy to consider other rewards for amounts raised, just let us know. And don't forget if you use a tip from the site for your job, use your company credit card to leave a big donation ;)


Wed, 17 Sep 2008New Comments System  

One of the most requested features since shell-fu started has been the ability to comment on entries. We are pleased to announce that starting now we are beta testing a new comment system.

To add a comment, just hit the comments link with each entry.

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